24 Hour Breakdown and Accident Recovery Service

Below are some things to think about in the event of a breakdown:
  • If on a motorway, use the hard shoulder to slow down
  • Use your hazard lights and if visibility is poor, turn on your side
  • Pull over as far as you can to the left turning your wheels towards
    the verge
  • Leave the vehicle by the passenger door to avoid the mainstream of
  • Wear some light coloured or reflective clothing to ensure other drivers see you (this may mean keeping a light coloured or reflective item in the boot of your car for emergencies)

Things to avoid:

  • Don't use your mobile phone when the car is moving (buy a hands free
    kit or pull over)
  • If the Engine Management light comes on, find a safe place to stop
    and phone us for free advice.


Changing Wheel

Coolant Top Up

Tyre Pressure